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GAHP’s mission is to combat pollution and improve global health, and we cannot do it without your support.
Your contribution is an opportunity to make an impact by becoming a part of a global movement for change. 


Why give to GAHP?

GAHP’s initiatives reach across the globe to create a healthier and more sustainable world.
Global Impact: GAHP was responsible for the inclusion of all form of pollution in target of SDGs 3.9
GAHP is at the forefront of generating data that resonate with decision-makers for crafting solutions to address pollution and health problems. By giving to GAHP you are advocating for policy changes that will have a global impact.

GAHP employs a local approach and provides country support to improve health by addressing pollution issues and promoting healthier environments and communities. We assist LMICs through country-specific projects.

GAHP Annual Giving Campaign

Ways to give

One-time and monthly donations

Make a single contribution to support our ongoing efforts or join our community of monthly donors, providing consistent support to sustain our programs.

Partnerships, events and other ways to donate

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