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GAHP Members

Join us in our mission to create a world where present and future generations, especially children and pregnant women, are safe from toxic pollution.

There is no financial obligation to join, just a desire to address toxic pollution, whether in your country or globally, along with efforts to implement plans for a mission or activities that support that goal. Membership is open to government agencies, international organizations, civil society, universities, foundations and others. Qualified individuals can participate as a technical advisors. Anyone can participate as an observer.

GAHP Membership Overview

Broadly, it is expected that GAHP members will contribute one or more of the following:

  • Actively participate in GAHP Sub-Committees, GAHP annual meeting, the Executive Committee (if elected) and/or Technical Advisory Group, as relevant (usually via video/teleconference on GoToMeeting; 30 minutes to 1 hour each meeting);
  • Review GAHP updates and annual reports;
  • Respond to GAHP inquiries/provide feedback;
  • Forward information and messages about GAHP and its activities to relevant colleagues in their respective agency;
  • Participate as relevant in GAHP Health and Pollution Action Planning (HPAP) processes, GAHP outreach events and initiatives;
  • Share technical knowledge, expertise and experience that may be pertinent to GAHP objectives and activities;
  • Promote the burden of disease and impacts of pollution internally as well as at appropriate occasions and venues (conferences, meetings, seminars);
  • Explore options for mobilizing financial assistance for projects that address pollution in low-and middle-income countries and for dealing with emergencies;

Benefits of Joining GAHP

  • Members can be part of and help shape the response to a major global problem. GAHP membership provides an opportunity to contribute to the overall global push for resources and attention to pollution, more than can be achieved individually. Our growing membership illustrates there is significant demand to address pollution.
  • GAHP is a nimble organization.  Our efficiency/ability means we can achieve or influence things at a faster pace than may be possible through the formal UN system or through governments. We have had huge success already, i.e. the inclusion of pollution into the Health Sustainable Development Goal, the selection of pollution as the theme of UNEA3, and the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, all of which have received global attention.
  • Members have the opportunity to voice their needs directly to donors, as well as network with donors, technical experts etc.
  • Members have the ability to contribute to the strategic direction of GAHP, including initiatives with global impact.
  • Members can participate in GAHP activities, including health and pollution action plans, communications campaigns, directly contribute to messaging, and share their materials, reports, events with our network.

Acceptance of New Members

The following is the process for accepting new members to the GAHP:

  1. Government agencies (whether national or local), bilateral/multilateral donor agencies, and international organizations under the United Nations are key. Their membership requires an official letter or email stating intent to join. The GAHP Secretariat can confirm membership without Executive Committee approval.
  2. Other organizations, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from civil society, academia, or industry groups may also join provided their missions and/or expertise/experience are relevant and their activities support GAHP’s objectives. NGOs wishing to join should express their interest and how they can contribute to GAHP objectives in a formal letter. NGO’s should espouse a collaborative, non-confrontational approach, and demonstrate their capacity to contribute to GAHP’s strategy and solutions. The GAHP Secretariat is responsible for conducting due diligence to confirm the applicant’s intent, relevance and contribution to GAHP objectives. The Secretariat will submit requests and supporting information regarding potential new non-governmental members for approval by the Executive Committee.


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Membership Overview

Nom Type Pays
Ministry of Environment and SanitationPaysMali
Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Physical Development.PaysSoudan
Ministry of Health, Environment, and Sustainable DevelopmentPaysCôte d’Ivoire
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