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HPAP Colombia

Completed in 2019

In 2017, The Colombia Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MESD) requested assistance from GAHP to help prioritize pollution challenges and develop plans to reduce pollution’s impacts. GAHP reached out to relevant national and international stakeholders to inform them on the HPAP process and solicit inputs, culminating in a workshop in June 2018 where government representatives gathered to discuss the HPAP.  Colombia's HPAP process was completed as part of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization's (UNIDO) global project entitled “Mitigating Toxic Health Exposures in Low and Middle-Income Countries.”  It was funded by the European Union and the United States Agency for International Development. 

Priority Issues

  1. Ambient urban air pollution (PM2.5)
  2. Strengthening national capacities to analyze and address endocrine disruptors
  3. Pesticide contamination of food
  4. Identification and assessment of contaminated sites



Colombia Health and Pollution Action Plan (EN)


Colombia Health and Pollution Action Plan (ES)


Final Report - Workshop for the Prioritisation of Health and Pollution Problems

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