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Promoting Policies to address Lead Exposures in Uganda

In progress

The objective of this project, funded by the Pure Earth Strategic Policy Fund, is to raise awareness about the dangers of lead exposure among school children, teachers, parents, and the wider community and to promote safer practices and policies related to lead exposure.  This project will equip schools and communities with the tools and resources needed to identify and mitigate sources of lead exposure.

Starting in 2024, GAHP will convene a working group focused on drafting and recommending policy changes to mitigate the risks associated with lead exposure in Uganda. This concept note aims to provide the means to scale up the project and aims to target school and community awareness.

Key Activities
  • School Awareness Campaigns
  • Community Engagement Programs
  • Training Programs
Expected Outcomes
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the dangers of lead exposure among targeted groups.
  • Adoption of safer practices within schools and communities to reduce the risk of lead exposure.
  • Positive behavior change in communities, leading to reduced demand for products and practices that contribute to lead exposure.
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