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HPAP Madagascar

Completed in 2018

The Ministry of Environment, Ecology and Forests is a long-time GAHP member, and one of the first members to request the HPAP program. The Health and Pollution Action Plan process was led by the Madagascar Ministry of Environment, Ecology, and Forests, the Madagascar Ministry of Public Health, and GAHP.

The Minster of Environment chaired the HPAP inception meeting, which was attended by representatives from all relevant ministries, as well as interested stakeholders, including WHO, UNICEF, World Bank, UNIDO and USAID, among others. A national working group was established with members from seven ministries to provide relevant data and facilitate the drafting of the HPAP document.  The Health and Pollution Action Plan and associated activities were made possible through financial support from the European Commission, UNIDO, and Pure Earth.

This was followed by a validation meeting held in October 2018 where the HPAP was validated unanimously and declared as public policy by representatives of the Ministries of Health and Environment. Currently, with funding and collaboration from GAHP, UNICEF, and the Madagascar Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD) Madagascar is drafting a 10 year roadmap on pollution.  This roadmap will serve as a a strategic framework for pollution, and a decision-making support tool for the government, and public and private sector stakeholders.  

Priority Issues

  1. Household air pollution
  2. Ambient urban air pollution (PM2.5)
  3. Identification and assessment of chemical contamination.


Madagascar Health and Pollution Action Plan

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